Project Description

C# library that enables developers to consume the power of the Solr web service from .NET applications using the latest Microsoft technologies available.

Solr Contrib (download SolrContrib source)

Accessing Solr with SolrContrib is as easy as 1,2,3 (see image below).   SolrContrib utilizes the C#  SolrSharp API to communicate with the Solr server; SolrSharp  permits you to easily consume a Solr web service from .NET applications. 

Note:  Solr is included within the “SolrMaint” project (dist, examples, and license folder from Solr version 4.3.0).  SolrMaint is designed with the notion that only these folders need to be replaced when updates to Solr are available.   CtGov is currently under development utilizing public domain data.


  • Windows 8
  • Visual Studio 2012
    • C#
    • Desktop application
  • SolrSharp - SolrSharp has been inactive since 2007, I ported the project to Visual Studio 2010 and made minor bug fixes.   Development/upgrades of SolrSharp will move forward using Visual Studio 2012.


New2014.04.7 - Development on hold while I am working on the project. 

2012.06.02 - With the latest release of Visual Studio 2011 / Windows 8 the code would no longer compile, and when I did get it to compile, would not run.   This is expected, when coding using Beta software, so I'm taking this opportunity to start over.

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